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17/02/2014: new musicvideo "A Farewell to November" . Next European Tour
We have been these past two months locked up, composing songs for the new album. We decided to take a break and we went to Villafranca del Bierzo (León), specifically to the Villafranquino Theatre, a master piece from the beginning of XX century to record a music video of "A Farewell to November". Read more

02/01/2014: Cesar Sánchez, Eldorado bass player, new Ampeg endorser
Cesar Sanchez, Eldorado bass player, has just got turn into Ampeg amplifiers endorser. Those are the amplifiers used to record Eldorado albums and also the ones the band used on tour so they are very happy and proud of the support of the brand. Read more

28/10/2013: Christian Giardino new Eldorado drummer
After going over Spain and several years in Argentina working as a session player in different bands, Christian decided to come back to Spain with the clear idea of being a part of a rock band. In this search, his path cross with Eldorado. Read more

21/10/2013: A new period of Eldorado starts without Javi Planelles at the drums. In a few days you will meet the new member of the band.
Dear friends, some months ago Javi Planelles decided to leave Eldorado. It was a decision he took, for personal reasons. Javi will always be a brother to us and he will be a part of what this band is.  We sent him a big hug and we wish him all the luck in the world in his future projects. Read more

24/06/2013: "Antigravity Sound Machine" Best Hard Rock / Metal album 2013 in the 5º Spanish Independent Music Awards
Join Eldorado in their Paranormal Tour in Europe!
The Spanish Independent Music Awards were announced in a gala presented by Leo Bassi in the Teatro Nuevo Alcala in Madrid. The gala, that presented 30 awards, was the perfect occasion for the Spanish Music Industry and a lot of bands to come together in a celebration of music and independence. Read more

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