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31/01/2015: Eldorado "Mad Woman" is here! Babylonia Haze released the 20th of February at 12h25. If you are wondering for the reasons of this day and hour... we will soon reveal it.
You can pre-order the album in the Eldorado online shop (it will be sent in February, the 20th): "Babylonia Haze" / "Karma Generator". Read more

05/12/2014: Eldorado unveils the cover of its new album. "Babylonia Haze" en English and "Karma Generator" en Spanish. To be released on February 20th at 12h25
Of all the albums released by Eldorado, Babylonia Haze (English) / Karma Generator (Spanish) is probably the most influenced by the months on the road. The live evolution of the band has been the germ of the ten songs that constitute the album, arisen from improvisations and developments with psychedelic vocation, vague ideas that end up being rotund and the unconscious quest of new landscapes.  All of it with the stage as a permanent witness... Read more

11/08/2014: Great support from the Eldorado fans in their Crowdfunding campaign for the new album. 285 backer from 10 countries have contributed with 13.335 in this new adventure
From the band: "our tours in these two past years have lead us to play in small and big venues across nine countries (Spain, Germany, Uk, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Canada) and they have allow us to directly meet big rock lovers: fans, promoters, venue people, media, all brought together by this big passion. Read more

07/06/2014: Crowfunding for the new Eldorado album. Get Involved and Help Us Bring Eldorado New Album To Life!
There has been 2 years since we launched our last album. We managed to start that adventure thanks to the help of a lot of you who supported the backers in that moment.Read more

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