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31/01/2015: Eldorado "Mad Woman" is here! Babylonia Haze released the 20th of February at 12h25. If you are wondering for the reasons of this day and hour... we will soon reveal it.

You can pre-order the album in the Eldorado online shop (it will be sent in February, the 20th)
"Babylonia Haze" / "Karma Generator"

Karma Tour
J 26/02 - Spain - Leon- El Gran Café
V 27/02 - Spain - Ferrol - Super8
S 28/02 - Spain - Cangas - Salason
J 5/03 - Spain - Badajoz - Café concierto Mercantil
V 6/03 - Spain - Cádiz - Supersonic
S 7/03 - Estepona - Louie Louie
V 13/03 - Spain - Madrid - Penélope
V 10/04 - Spain - Zaragoza - La sey seca
S 11/04 - Spain - Barcelona - Razzmatazz3
D 12/04 - Spain - Torredembarra - La Traviesa
L 13/04 - France - Montpellier - Secret Place
J 16/04 - Austria - Wörgl - High5
V 17/04 - Switzerland - Uster - StarClub
S 18/04 - France - Clermont Ferrant - la Puce à l'oreille - Rock The Night découverte
D 19/04 - Germany- Zweibrücken - Gasthaus Sutter
J 23/04 - Germany- Jena - KuBa
V 24/04 - Germany - Obermarchtal- Kreuz
S 25/04 - Germany -Weiden-Musikclubsalute
X 29/04 - France - Rouen - Le Crooner
V 1/05 - Uk - Bournemouth - The Anvil
S 2/05 - Uk - Bolton - Railway
D 3/05 - Uk - Altrincham - Old Market Tavern
J 7/05 - UK - Edinburgh - Bannermans
S 9/05 - Uk - Evesham - The Iron Road
D 10/05 - Uk - Wisbech - Elme Hall Sunday Rock and Blues Club
J 14/05 - Spain - Vitoria-Gasteiz - Jimmy Jazz
V 15/05 - Spain - Santander- Buenas Noches Santander
S 16/05 - Spain - Valladolid - Porta Caelli
J 21/05 - Spain - Castellón - Four Seasons
V 22/05 - Spain - Valencia - 16 Toneladas
S 23/05 - Spain - Murcia - Garage Beat Club
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05/12/2014: Eldorado unveils the cover of its new album. "Babylonia Haze" en English and "Karma Generator" en Spanish. To be released on February 20th at 12h25

Of all the albums released by Eldorado, Babylonia Haze (English) / Karma Generator (Spanish) is probably the most influenced by the months on the road. The live evolution of the band has been the germ of the ten songs that constitute the album, arisen from improvisations and developments with psychedelic vocation, vague ideas that end up being rotund and the unconscious quest of new landscapes.  All of it with the stage as a permanent witness.

It is also an album of a darker tendency, introspective and unsympathetic, both with oneself and with the others, it deals with our own capacity to destroy and rebuild in a modern Babylon dominated by lower instincts, of the responsibility for our own destiny through our actions, all closely linked to the oriental belief of Karma. Action-Reaction....
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11/08/2014: Great support from the Eldorado fans in their Crowdfunding campaign for the new album. 285 backer from 10 countries have contributed with 13.335€ in this new adventure
From the band: "our tours in these two past years have lead us to play in small and big venues across nine countries (Spain, Germany, Uk, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Canada) and they have allow us to directly meet big rock lovers: fans, promoters, venue people, media, all brought together by this big passion. We have seen how this affection we felt in those shows has its echo in this amazing support we have received in this Crowdfunding, which has touched our hearts and has filled us with responsibility. Everything is ready, an incredible studio, the best producer and a band that will be on fire recording the new songs. We promise a great album.
Thanks for your support. You make it possible."

285 backers have contributed with 13.335€ to the production of the new Eldorado album. Within a week, on Monday, August 18th, the recording starts in Madrid in Musigrama studios. Richard Ckycki will be again the producer of this new album. Another stage of the band is about to begin, that will take them to reach new milestones and spread their music among an increasingly large and global audience.
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07/06/2014: Crowfunding for the new Eldorado album. Get Involved and Help Us Bring Eldorado New Album To Life!
There has been 2 years since we launched our last album. We managed to start that adventure thanks to the help of a lot of you who supported the backers in that moment. With effort and illusion we brought our music to Spain, Europe and USA, meeting amazing people, fans that are now our friends. Passion for music inspire and bring us together.
Now is the moment for a new step, to a new album for which we have songs that we are wishing you to listen to. We are independent, we count on our forces and your support, that we now need.

We just launched a new crowdfunding project to bring Eldorado new album to life. It will be recorded this summer in Musigrama studios in Madrid with our producer and friend Richard Chycki. Here is a video that explains it and the web with all the details and the rewards.
We are very thankful for all the help spreading the word and for being our backers!

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17/02/2014: new musicvideo "A Farewell to November" . Next European Tour
We have been these past two months locked up, composing songs for the new album. We decided to take a break and we went to Villafranca del Bierzo (León), specifically to the Villafranquino Theatre, a master piece from the beginning of XX century to record a music video of "A Farewell to November".

Shortly, we are coming back to the road on tour, more concerts in Europe!

Saturday 8/03 - Spain - Getafe - Fender Club - Tickets
Friday 21/03 -  Arrecife - Spain -  Jornadas de Literatura y Rock
Thursday 3/04 - Valladolid - Spain -  Porta Caelli - Tickets
Friday 4/04 - Boiro - Spain -  A Pousada Das Animas - Tickets
Saturday 5/04 - Ourense - Spain -  Berlin - Tickets
Friday 25/04 - Zaragoza - Spain -  La Ley Seca
Saturday 26/04 - Barcelona - Spain -  Rocksound - Tickets
Sunday 27/04 - Sant Feliu - Spain -  Atztavara

Rest of Europe
Wednesday 30/04 - Switzerland - Uster - StarClub
Thursday 1/05 - Germany -  Obermarchtal - Kreuz
Friday 2/05 - Germany - Weiden - MusikclubSalute
Saturday 3/05 - Germany -  Zweibrücken -  Gasthaus Sutter
Wednesday 7/05 - Germany - Bremen - Meisenfrei
Thursday 8/05 - Germany - Jena - Black Nigth
Friday 9/05 -  Netherlands - Den Haag - Paard van Troye -  DeWolff
Saturday 10/05 -  Netherlands - Roermond - ECI -  DeWolff
Wednesday 14/05 -  France -  Paris - New Morning
Thursday 15/05 -  France - Rouen - Crooner
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02/01/2014: Cesar Sánchez, Eldorado bass player, new Ampeg endorser
Cesar Sanchez, Eldorado bass player, has just got turn into Ampeg amplifiers endorser . Those are the amplifiers used to record Eldorado albums and also the ones the band used on tour so they are very happy and proud of the support of the brand. See Newsletter

28/10/2013: Christian Giardino new Eldorado drummer
After going over Spain and several years in Argentina working as a session player in different bands, Christian decided to come back to Spain with the clear idea of being a part of a rock band. In this search, his path cross with Eldorado.
From the first moment he was the perfect fit for the band. We share a lot of influences, he is an organic drummer and he feels the music as we do. We are very proud to introduce Christian Giardino as Eldorado drummer and we are sure he will blow your head as he did with us.
And what better way to introduce you to Christian than with our new music video? "Mr Saturn". Read more

21/10/2013: A new period of Eldorado starts without Javi Planelles at the drums. In a few days you will meet the new member of the band.
Dear friends, some months ago Javi Planelles decided to leave Eldorado. It was a decision he took, for personal reasons. Javi will always be a brother to us and he will be a part of what this band is.  We sent him a big hug and we wish him all the luck in the world in his future projects.
As you know, in all this time we haven't stopped doing things, our last European tour in August/September included. Also, we have been looking for the perfect drummer for the band, who will be one of us. And we have found it. On the road we met amazing people, thanks Maxi for your great help and friendship.
At least, the moment has come and in a few days we will introduce you to the new member of the band. We are sure he will blow your head as he did with us.  Very soon you will see him in action as we come back to the road in November.  Things cannot go better and we are very excited of this new period. Next Monday 28th of October at 18h we will be at mariskalrock radio talking about the European tours and introducing you to the new member of Eldorado.
Another time, we wish all the best to Javi Planelles.  We love you!!! A big hug!!
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24/06/2013: "Antigravity Sound Machine" Best Hard Rock / Metal album 2013 in the 5º Spanish Independent Music Awards
Join Eldorado in their Paranormal Tour in Europe!
The Spanish Independent Music Awards were announced in a gala presented by Leo Bassi in the Teatro Nuevo Alcala in Madrid. The gala, that presented 30 awards, was the perfect occasion for the Spanish Music Industry and a lot of bands to come together in a celebration of music and independence.

Eldorado has won the "Best Hard Rock / Metal Album 2013" in the Spanish Independent Music Awards. Eldorado: "This is a great recognition from the Spanish Independent Music Industry and we are very happy and proud to receive it. When we came to the stage to take the award, we remembered all those moment moments where you, our fans, have been supporting us, being our backers when we undertook the adventure of "Antigravity Sound Machine" recording, coming to our shows, enjoying our music and sharing it with your people and voting for us in this award! Thanks to all!"

Next "Paranormal Tour" concert dates in Europe
Friday 29/06 - Aranda de Duero - Beer & Rock Festival
Friday 5/07 - Ferrol - Super8
Saturday 6/07 - Cangas - Salason
Saturday 13/07 - Los Alcázares - Dock Festival
Saturday 26/10 - Avilés - Niemeyer
Friday 8/11 - Madrid - Sala Lemon

Rest of Europe
Thursday 29/08 - UK - Nottingham - The Diamond
Friday 30/08 - Uk - Bolton - Railway
Saturday  31/08 - Uk - Bournemouth - The Anvil
Thursday 5/09 - Uk - Birmingham - Scruffy Murphy's
Friday 6/09 - UK - Edinburgh - Bannermans
Saturday  7/09 - Uk - Altrincham - Old Market Tavern
Sunday  8/09 - Uk - Ackworth - Boot&Shoe
Thursday 12/09 - Germany - Isernhagen - Blues Garage
Friday 13/09 - Belgium - La Louvière - La Taverne du Théatre
Saturday 14/09 - France - Raismes Festival 2013
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24/05/2013: Eldorado finalist in the Independent Music Award in Spain! Category: best metal album 2012
The past 21 of May were the finalist of the 5th edition of the Independent Music Awards in Spain was published, in a press released celebrated in Berlin Café. Gerardo Cartón, UFI vice-president, announced the nominees and told us about the insides of these awards. The list of the finalists has come out of the collaboration of a jury composed by 80 professionals of the sector.
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24/01/2013: Eldorado "Paranormal Tour" recommended tour by Radio3. Interview and electric concert in the National Spanish Radio - Radio 3 - El Vuelo del Fénix
This year looks pretty busy! We keep going on our "Paranormal Tour" in Spain and in March we cross the Pyrenees to play in the Uk, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands.
And we start in the best of the way, with Juanma Sánchez in El Vuelo del Fénix. We will be recording an interview and concert the next 6th of February at 18h30. We have 30 double invitations. To request yours, please send you an email to concursosradio3@rtve.es with your data (name, surname, DNI) and indicate in the subject ELDORADO INTERVIEW.

08 February 2013 - Valladolid - Porta Caelli - Entradas
09 February 2013 - Bilbao - Crazy Horse - Entradas
10 February 2013 - Spain - Logroño - Biribay Jazz Club - Entradas
15 February 2013 - Madrid - Caracol - Entradas
21 February 2013 - Plasencia - Sala Impacto
22 February 2013 - Cádiz - Supersonic - Entradas
23 February 2013 - Algeciras - La Gramola - Entradas
08 March 2013 - Ferrol - Super 8 - Entradas
09 March 2013 - Valles (Asturias) - Asociacion Boca Negra
19 April 2013 - Alcala de Henares - EGO Live
10 May 2013 - Liérganes - Los Picos
11 May 2013 - Burlada - Casa Cultura
12 May 2013 - Donostia - Le Bukowski
08 June 2013 - Cangas - Salason

29 March 2013 - Uk - Bolton - Railway
30 March 2013 - Uk - Bagillt, Flintshire - Petrolheads
31 March 2013 - Uk - Burslem, Stoke-On-Trent - Chilz Bar
05 April 2013 - Uk - Altrincham, Cheshire - Old Market Tavern
07 April 2013 - Uk - Ackworth-Yorkshire - The Boot & Shoe
09 Abril 2013 - The Netherlands - Den Helder - Rockcafé
10 April 2013 - Germany - Jena - Black Night
11 April 2013 - Germany - Berlin - White Trash
12 April 2013 - Germany - Weiden - Musikclub Salute
13 April 2013 - Switzerland - Uster - Rock City
13 September 2013 - France - Raismes Festival - Chateau de la Princesse d'Arenberg
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20/11/2012: Eldorado confirmed for the Raismes Festival
We are very happy and proud to play in the Raismes Festival. It celebrates in the Chateau de la Princesse d'Arenberg, a magic surroundings in September, the 14th. More information: Raismes Festival

24/10/2012: Contest to win an iPad with Eldorado!
To participate all you have to do is Distro Eldorado's songs!
Here's the deal:
1) Go to the Eldorado page
2) Login to FanDistro using your Facebook or twitter account
- You get 1 Point if you Favorite an Eldorado song
3) Click on one of the Facebook, twitter or G+ images next to a song to Distro(post) it
- You get 1 point for each new person to click through your Distro and favorite an Eldorado song (on FanDistro)
- You get 5 Points for each new person to click through your Distro and then post their own Eldorado Distro
4) Make a Video and share it
- You get 1 point for each new person to click your Distro video and gives it a thumbsUp
The person that has the most points wins an iPad! Contest ends at 3PM USA East - 9PM Central Europe time on 11/24/2012.
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12/09/2012: New Album "Antigravity Sound Machine" -English Edition- to be released on November, the 5th.
Our new album "Antigravity Sound Machine" will be released in Europe this Autumn, in October in France, Belgium and The Netherlands and on November, the 5th in the rest of Europe. We recorded it in Toronto in March with Richard Chycki producer.
The experience of recording this new album in such a demanding and professional environment has been fantastic and the result unbelievable. We are eager to share it with you all! 12 songs, almost an hour of pure rock!
We have count with the support of 183 backers who have contributed through our crowdfunding initiative to make this album possible.  We are very grateful to all of you for believing in us and supporting us through the moment we launch this project.
And here you have the first single and music video of the album, "Background Radiation"
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03/09/2012: Presentation tour of "Paranormal Radio" in Spain
Eldorado comes back with their new album "Paranormal Radio "that they present in an extensive tour this Autumn and Winter in Spain.
And here you have the music video of the song "Blue Jay Wings", recorded in Detroit during their tour this summer in the USA. It counts with Tonny Muggs as special guest. Nuevo videoclip "Blue Jay Wing"
The previous Eldorado album "Golden" received different awards, the USA Independent Music Awards chose them as best hard rock album and song, and they were finalists as best rock composition in the US based International Songwriting Competition and in the Australian Music OZ Awards.
You can get the new Eldorado album in their online shop, "Paranormal Radio" in its Spanish edition or "Antigravity Sound Machine" in its English edition.
Friday 21/9 - Canarias - Telde - Festival Rock in Nublo
Friday 5/10 - Alcala de Henares - Ego
Friday 19/10 - Calella - Rock On The Rocks - Golden Gloves
Saturday 20/10 - Lleida - Pub Stones
Sunday 21/10 - Torredembarra - La Traviesa
Friday 2/11 - Cartagena - La Matriz Creativa
Saturday 3/11 - Castellón - D'Leyend
Thursday 15/11 - Palencia - The Lemon Society
Friday 16/11 - Burgos - Estudio 27
Saturday 17/11 - Zaragoza - La Ley Seca
Jueves 22/11 - León - El Gran Café
Friday 23/11 - Ponferrada - Tarari
Saturday 24/11 - Cangas (Vigo) - Salason
Saturday 1/12 - Madrid - Copernico
Saturday 22/12 - Orense - Lestrato Fest
Friday 8/02 - Valladolid-Porta Caelli
Saturday 9/02 - Bilbao - Crazy Horse
Sunday 10/02 - Logroño - Biribay Jazz Club
Jueves 21/02 - Plasencia - Sala Impacto
Friday 22/02 - Cádiz - Supersonic
Saturday 23/02 - Algeciras - La Gramola
Friday 08/03 - Ferrol - Super8
Saturday 09/03 - Valles (Asturias) - AMCBOCANEGRA
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25/07/2012: USA Summer Tour
Eldorado's second album "Golden" was named best Vox Populi Hard Rock album by the U.S. based Independent Music Awards program who also chose the single "The House of the 7 Smokestacks" as best Vox Populi Hard Rock song. This same song was a finalist as best international song in the Australian Musicoz Awards. And the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) announced they selected "Atlantico" from amongst 15,000 entrants as a finalist in the rock composition category. The band has been in several occasions in the TOP10 bands of jango.com.
Eldorado will be on tour in the USA (Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia) this August.
Wed July 25th - Kryptonite bar in Rockford, Illinois
Fri July 27th- Big Bend Blues Bash - Pomeroy, Ohio
Sat July 28th- The V Club - Huntigton, West Virginia(+No Pause + Black Acid Over-Drive)
Sun July, 29th- Hog-Jam Festival in Hillsboro, Ohio
Mon July, 30th- Indy's Jukebox in Indianapolis, Indiana (+The New Guilt + The Mundies)
Tue Aug 1st- Maritime Tavern - Appleton, Wisconsin
Thu Aug 2nd- Upfront & Company - Marquette, Michigan
Fri Aug 3rd - Planet Rock- Battle Creek, Michigan
Sat Aug 4th- Small's - Hamtramck, Michigan (+The Muggs +The Sights +Six And Sevens)
Sun Aug 5th- Sadie Renee's - North Canton, Ohio
Tue Aug 7th- Cadieux Cafe - Detroit, Michigan
Thu Aug 9th- Route 33 Rhythm & Brews - Wapakoneta, Ohio
Fri Aug 10th- Billy's Lounge - Grand Rapids, Michigan (+The Muggs)
Sat Aug 11th- McKracken's Live - Worth, Illinois (+The Muggs +The Fake Take)
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13/05/2012 - 14h10: New Album "Paranormal Radio" -Spanish Edition- to be released on May, 20th at 14h00.
On May, the 20th we are going to release our new album "Paranormal Radio". We have recorded it in Toronto in March with Richard Chycki producer.
The experience of recording this new album in such a demanding and professional environment has been fantastic and the result unbelievable. We are eager to share it with you all!
12 songs, almost an hour of pure rock!
We have count with the support of 183 backers who have contributed through our crowdfunding initiative to make this album possible.  We are very grateful to all of you for believing in us and supporting us through the moment we launch this project.
And here you have the first single and music video of the album, "Background Radiation"
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10/03/2012: Eldorado to the Canadian Music Week!!
Eldorado will be playing at the Canadian Music Week presenting a première of their new album, "Antigravity Sound Machine". The show will be at the Cherry Cola's Rock N' Rolla Cabaret (200 Bathurst Street - Toronto, ON M5T 2RB) on Saturday, March, the 24th at 1AM. Come over! You'see an amazing show and meet the band!
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01/02/2012: Eldorado launches a crow funding initiative to help with financing their new album
The band itself invests most of the money needed for the production. They ask for the collaboration of all the fans and friends to turn into backers of this new album. In exchange they will receive exclusive rewards. This is an initiative handled in a complete independent way by the band. There are no intermediaries and all the money collected will be used in the new album.
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26/10/2011: Eldorado in the Spanish National TV - Advance of the new album
We have the chance to record for the Spanish National TV, in "Los Conciertos de Radio3" an advance of some songs of our new album to be published in 2012.
You can see now them now in our youtube channel
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15/05/2011: Eldorado new music video "Falling, Falling" - Last touring dates before the new recording
The selected single for the launch of the album in the US & Canada has been "Falling, Falling". To celebrate, here is a music video of the song.
We are travelling shortly to record our new album in Toronto, but before, we have planned some gigs to share a few of the new songs. Do you want to be the first to here them? Don't miss this chance!
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28/11/2010: The "Carlos Pina" awards defined Eldorado as best 2010 Spanish hard rock band
These awards are devoted to the creativity and dedication of the people that do and spread rock music in Spain. The award presentation this year is on December, the 22th at 20h30 in Ritmo&Compas venue. See you there!
We are very flattered that people like Carlos Pina, an indisputable reference of rock in our country, consider our band this way.
You can check the complete list of this year awards in the following link: Carlos Pina.
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01/11/2010: Eldorado opens for Alter Bridge in the new album presentation tour in Spain
This year has been great! Eldorado new album has received several international prestigious awards, the band has extensively toured presenting it in Spain and now we are really happy to announce we will be opening for Alter Bridge in their Spanish tour!
Sunday, November, the 14th at 19h - Barakaldo, Vizcaya - RockStar Live
Monday, November, the 15th at 19h - Barcelona - Razzmatazz
Wednesday, November, the 17th at 19h - Madrid - La Riviera
You may find your tickets: ticktackticket

Some information of additional Eldorado concerts:
Friday, December the 3rd - Sevilla - Zeppelin Club
Saturday, December the 4th - Dos Hermanas - Zeppelin Rock
Friday, January, the 11th - Autol (La Rioja) - Sala Dublin
Saturday, January, the 12th - Zaragoza - La Ley Seca
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13/08/2010: Eldorado winner in the USA Independent Music Awards (Vox Populi)
A jury composed by reputed members of the American industry chose the new Eldorado album as one of the 5 best Hard Rock / Metal albums in December 2009. From that moment, the popular vote has been opened. For months, people around the world voted for their favorite albums and songs. Eldorado has won two categories: Best Hard Rock / Metal Album & Song.
Spectra Records being in the process of preparing the marketing campaign for the launch of the new album in USA&Canada for February 2011, this new reinforce the conviction of the good reception Eldorado music has in those territories. As a first step to promote the band before the launch of the album, Eldorado has recorded a Kiss song "Shout It Out Loud" for a Kiss tribute CD called "The Garage Years : A Tribute To Kiss" coming out later this year. See Newsletter

03/06/2010: Eldorado signs with Powerhouse label Spectra Records for North America & Canada.
Thanks to the recent nominations in prestigious international awards (one of The Best Hard Rock/Metal Album and Song of the year in the USA Independent Music Awards, finalist in the best rock composition category in the USA International Songwriting Competition...) Eldorado got the attention of the music industry. The independent label Spectra Records contacted the band and decided to launch the new album in North America.
Both the label and the band are convinced of the positive reception the album will be having in North America and they are working on the marketing plan for its launch. Under Globe Artist Management and together with Spectra Records, they will organize the album tour presentation in North America and Canada. In Europe, the album has been launched in May by the label Bad Reputation and after an extensive tour in Spain, Eldorado is presenting it across Europe. The first stop is in Switzerland, in the 19th edition of the Rock Oz'Arènes Festival, with bands as Status Quo, Monster Magnet, Placebo.
Bordeaux and Paris show dates are already closed and other cities will follow in the next months. See Newsletter

14/04/2010: Eldorado among the Top Scoring Bands at Jango!
Launched in November 2007 Jango is a social music service that lets you create and share custom radio stations. Jango has grown fast to become the #5 largest music site in the US (ComScore, pageviews, July 09).
The Jango Music Network (JMN) is the world's largest ad network for the music vertical, reaching over 30 million monthly unique monthly visitors in the US alone - a reach beyond that of MySpace Music, Yahoo! Music and AOL Music.
Every week listeners from all over the world decide the band they like better. This week, Eldorado is among them. We are very happy to be able to share our music with so many people across the globe. The response and commentaries are being amazing. Thanks to all!

14/03/2010: Eldorado song "Atlantico" finalist as best rock composition in the USA International Songwriting Competition
15.000 songs from all over the world were candidates. From all of them, Eldorado "Atlantico" song has been selected finalist as best rock composition. This new reflects again the presence and acceptance the new Eldorado album is having in prestigious international awards.
Now it is the turn to decide the winner to judges as Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Kings of Leon, Robert Smith (The Cure), Robbie Williams, Black Francis (The Pixies), Journey, Jerry Lee Lewis and music industry members as Amanda Ghost (President Epic Records), Monte Lipman (President/CEO Universal Republic Records), Amy Doyle (Sr. Vice-President Music and Talent MTV), Rick Krim (Executive VP Talent and Music Programming VH1 ), Angel Carrasco (Sr. VP of A&R Latin America Sony BMG and President, Discos 605), Brian Malouf (VP A&R Walt Disney Records).

26/02/2010: Eldorado finalist in the Australian awards Musicoz in the best rock song category
The Independent Music Awards (IMA) program in USA selected the new Eldorado album as one of the five best hard rock albums of the year 2009. The recognition to the band now comes from Australia, from the MusicOZ awards. These awards are mainly centered in Australian bands, where the bands compete in different categories: rock, pop, jazz etc. Nevertheless, the Musicoz awards have a category for international bands and Eldorado song "The House of the 7 Smokestacks" is finalist as best international song. Jesús: "this is one of the first songs we composed for our new album. When we played it in our gigs the people connected incredibly with the song and we decided that "The House of the 7 Smokestacks" would be the first single of our new album. And we were right! To receive this recognition from these different and reputed sources is very motivating as an artist, it pushes us to continue with enthusiasm and energy.

02/12/2009: For the first time a band from Spain is among the five finalists in the USA Independent Music Awards in the categories of best album and best song Hard Rock /Metal
Eldorado has been nominated one of the five finalists in two categories of the USA Independent Music Awards (IMA):
- Best Hard Rock / Metal Album
- Best Hard Rock / Metal Song
The Independent Music Awards is one of the most prestigious independent music awards program in USA, counting among its judges people as Suzanne Vega, Tom Waits, Lee Ritenour, Peter Gabriel, Roger Daltrey, Norah Jones, Lou Reed o Steve Vai. César, bass player, commented: "We are proud of being one of the finalists in such an international reputed awards. To us it means a recognition to the work we have been doing. Eldorado is the only European band in these categories, competing with the bands that would probably be the number one in the next years". You can find more information in the following link:

27/11/2009: Eldorado signs an agreement for Europe with the label Bad Reputation
Bad Reputation is an European label with a reputation based on three main aspects. First of all, the selection of its bands, all of them with a high international profile and where both the media and the people agree in the quality of their music in term of composition and production. Also, the great support of the media and the extensive presence in the retail shops of the albums of his label. Finally, through his strong connections with agents and promoters he facilitates the touring of its band and their presence in festivals.
All of it, together with the enthusiasm showed in the new Eldorado album convinced the band to sign an agreement with the label Bad Reputation. Bad Reputation will be launching in March 2010 an European edition of the album that will include four songs in Spanish as bonus track in Germany, France, Uk, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

24/11/2009: Eldorado invited to participate in the SXSW 2010 Austin festival
South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of festival and conferences of music and film held in Spring in Austin (Texas). It is one the most important music industry event in the USA.

07/10/2009: Spanish tour
Eldorado will be starting shortly its tour across Spain to present its new album recorded in Toronto (Canada) last June in the Richard Chycki producer studio.
All the details of the tour can be found in our MySpace and website:

25/09/2009: launch of the album in Spain
The Eldorado rock band is launching its new album in Spain in October 2009. This new album contains eight original songs and a cover. It has been recorded in Toronto (Canada) las t June 2009 in the studio the producer of the album, Richard Chycki share with Alex Lifeson _Rush guitar player_. His words to describe the album: New Vintage Rock. The mastering was performed by Andy VanDette in Masterdisk, New York.
Eldorado recently presented the first single of this new album through its music video "The House of the 7 Smokestacks".

01/09/2009: Eldorado presents the music video "The House of the 7 Smokestacks" as an preview of their next album
Eldorado recorded its second album during all June 2009 in Toronto (Canada), Richard Chycki being the producer of this album. The excitement and satisfaction with the result when they finished was great.
Coming back to Spain, the band reflected about how could be the best presentation of the album. They thought that a music video out of the common would be a good option. It should be a music video with a history behind, mysterious, that hooks not only due to the music but also by the visual element. With those premises, the band had a meeting with Alvaro León, the "The House of the 7 Smokestacks" music video director, who presented the idea of a surprising road movie, with snapshots what would introduce the different members of the band in shadows, adding to the mystery of the history... and the band. The idea convinced immediately the band. The result is the music video "The House of the 7 Smokestacks", that is already available in the band's MySpace and very soon in the main TVs.
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