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A new period of Eldorado starts without Javi Planelles at the drums
In a few days you will meet the new member of the band.
Dear friends, some months ago Javi Planelles decided to leave Eldorado. It was a decision he took, for personal reasons. Javi will always be a brother to us and he will be a part of what this band is.  We sent him a big hug and we wish him all the luck in the world in his future projects.

As you know, in all this time we haven't stopped doing things, our last European tour in August/September included. Also, we have been looking for the perfect drummer for the band, who will be one of us. And we have found it. On the road we met amazing people, thanks Maxi for your great help and friendship.

At least, the moment has come and in a few days we will introduce you to the new member of the band. We are sure he will blow your head as he did with us.  Very soon you will see him in action as we come back to the road in November.  Things cannot go better and we are very excited of this new period. Next Monday 28th of October at 18h we will be at mariskalrock radio talking about the European tours and introducing you to the new member of Eldorado.

Another time, we wish all the best to Javi Planelles.  We love you!!! A big hug!!
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